I was hungry. For food, this time. So Adam and I had a leisurely walk down to a small cafe that served Thai food near our hotel. I didn’t have anything to eat on the flight to Bangkok and Adam made sure that I would be thoroughly shagged on my first 2 hours with him, and now I am hungry. My hips had that dull ache similar to that pain felt after two hours on horseback when you have not ridden for quite some time. I felt blissfully sore, raw, and the lips of my pussy swollen after Adam mercilessly pounded me hard and deep with his enormous cock.

I am no virgin, but I felt like one two hours ago when Adam first entered me. I am not used to his size and I really don’t have any significant experience with men to speak of that I felt like my entire body just lost control when Adam gave me my first orgasm. I was lost in the sensation of pain and the shooting pleasure at the pit of stomach each time he rammed me hard and deep.

We reached the cafe and I ordered my first meal for the day, while Adam got himself an ice-cold beer. I ate like there’s no tomorrow and the plate full of sauteed Thai vegetables disappeared fast. I cannot recall being this hungry ever, but having not eaten the whole day and then spending a rigorous exercise in mad, wild sex with Adam was enough to starve me. Now I know how sex slaves must have felt hundreds of years ago, and to think I only have one lover.

Adam got naughty and started telling me how I looked when I came, screamed, sobbed, and begged him when he was thrusting in and out of me earlier. I have brown skin but it’s very obvious when I blush. I was embarrassed that someone might overhear what he was saying. Adam was enjoying teasing me, and got aroused in the process and told me that he wanted to go back to our room. He called for the check and paid for our food and then got up so we could back to the hotel. I wanted him, but my pussy was still so raw and swollen that I stalled for time. I told him I wanted to have something sweet, he smiled but then gave in. We went around the block and found a seven-eleven store, where I deliberately took my time in the candies section. He leaned down from behind me and whispered in my ear while he pressed his body against my back; “Marikit please get all the sweets you want because right now I am so hard. I want to be inside you – now!”. Then when no one was looking, as the store was deserted except for the sales staff, he put one arm around my waist and his other hand reached down and under my skirt and slipped his fingers inside my panties to gently rub my soaking wet pussy. He drew a deep breath and whispered in my ear; “Ahhh Mari, my love, you never cease to amaze me, Darling, I am not going to make love to you tonight.” I looked at him, confused and before I could ask him, he said; “I am going to fuck you, hard, long, and deep tonight”. I blushed at the word he used. I have never spoken that out loud. With that promise, he walked to the check out counter and I meekly followed him after grabbing a bag chocolate bonbons.

As we were walking towards the hotel, I looked up to him and told him to be gentle with me. He stopped, smiled, and kissed me.

We reached our room and I thought he was going to take me to bed right away. Instead he got himself a drink and sat down in front of his laptop and checked his email. I popped one chocolate bonbon into my mouth and leisurely sauntered to the bedroom to get ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and went into the bedroom and undressed but I could not walk back out to the study naked so I put on my panties and went under the covers of the bed instead. He went into the bathroom and came out naked and joined me in bed. He reached for me and I snuggled to him, when he stopped and then got up and knelt in front of me. He pulled the sheet that covered me and pushed it aside. He reached for and peeled my panties off, and before I could protest, he spread my knees apart and positioned himself on top of me, the rounded tip of his enormous erection poised and barely touching the swollen and wet lips of my pussy. He leaned down and told me in a measured tone; “when we are alone in the room, I want you to be naked, totally naked for me, do we have an agreement on this?”. I nodded and in that split second, he rammed his entire rock hard cock deep into my pussy before I could say anything. I sucked in my breath at the savage force he took me, I was full, so stretched that  I thought I was going to tear. I instinctively clenched his enormous cock, even though I could barely move my hips as he had me pinned down hard to the bed, his enormous cock rammed so deep in me. He groaned but kept still. I started to move, by reflex, tried to nudge his hips with mine as I could feel that warm feeling at the pit of my stomach after that first deep thrust. I clenched him again, but he did not move.

Adam looked at me with his deep blue eyes and in a deep voice; “Promise-me-that-you-will-never-wear-panties-whenever-we-are together. Promise me!”.

“Yes, Adam, I promise! Please…Adam…please!” He pulled back halfway and slammed into me again, this time, deeper than I thought was possible. I moaned and started pushing my hips upwards but he was still. It was driving me mad with lust. “Please Adam, please. I promise, I will not wear anything when were are alone. Always” I sobbed as I clung to him. He kissed me deeply and started to thrust in and out of me in an excruciatingly slow rhythm. I was tightening my pussy around his cock, each time, as though trying to hold him inside me. My pussy was stretched taut with his enormous cock, when pounded my cunt hard and deep, in slow strokes, harder, deeper, but in slow strokes. Then he suddenly stopped and I was going mad with want that I didn’t care anymore that I was behaving like a wanton. He looked at me, “say it Marikit, say it!”. As he started to thrust in steady measured strokes. He would slow down, each time he felt I was on the brink of orgasm. “Say it, I want to hear you say it!”.

He rammed me harder and deeper one more time, and I just lost it and begged him “Oh God, fuck me Adam, fuck me, please..”. I moaned, and sobbed, and he still went in and out in slow measured thrusts and on the third stroke he rammed harder that I screamed “FUCK ME Adam, please Adam, please FUCK ME NOW, please, oh please!”. And he fucked me hard, fast, and deep and I came fast, moaning and sobbing. I was clenching him tight while I helplessly clung to his arms as he buried his cock deeper into my pussy. He was merciless as he fucked me hard just like he promised that just when I thought I could take no more, I was coming again, and again, and again that I was sobbing while I begged him “Adam, don’t, no, don’t stop fucking me. Please don’t stop FUCKING me…oh please, please!”. And then he came, pouring his warm seed deep inside me and I was reduced to a wanton clinging to his arms, my hips locked around his and my pussy clenching tight around his cock. He groaned deep as I squeezed the last drop out of him.

Spent, we held each other as our hearts gradually beat back to a steady rate. He looked into my eyes and told me “I truly love you, you just don’t know how much”. I buried my face to his neck and snuggled closer to him and fell asleep in his arms. How could someone I barely know turn me into a shameless wanton in a matter of hours.