Starting the Day Mad with Lust


I was nudged slightly from that warm, fuzzy fog between sleep and awakening, but could not quite place what it was. I felt that slight brush of warm breath against my neck and I instinctively shifted my legs, parting them, in a dreamless state. I parted my legs wider apart, still in a confused, dazed state, when I felt pleasure shoot from the pit of my stomach, that I moaned and at the same time opened my eyes to see Adam posed over me, his enormous cock halfway inside me when he withdraw slightly and rammed my wet and tight cunt with his cock in one long and deep thrust. I gasped in shock at the pain and the pleasure of having his rock hard cock buried so deep inside me that I could not stifle a deep moan and clench him tightly. The moment I tightened my pussy around his cock, Adam groaned, “God, woman, you are driving me mad! I’m sorry Marikit, but I need to fuck you darling”. I moaned, and he asked “Do you want me to fuck you?” Before I could respond, Adam pulled his cock almost all the way out and then rammed it in so deep, that I instinctively tightened my pussy every time he buried his cock so deep inside my pussy. He was merciless as he continued his deep and hard thrusts. I was moaning and clinging to him.

“Tell me you want it too! Tell me Marikit!” and he thrust deeper, in long and hard strokes. He kept on thrusting in and out of me like a mad man that by the third stroke of his cock, I was holding on tightly to his arms and instinctively raised my knees to his hips. My pussy was still sore and raw from last night, but it was as if Adam has branded my body to be his, because I was helplessly clinging to him as he impaled me with his enormous erection deeper  with each thrust, begging and sobbing, “Adam, please. Please Adam, fuck me please, fuck me!”. Adam shifted and started slamming his hips to mine, that I could barely move each time he entered me, and went on fucking me until I came in a screaming orgasm.

I was beating his arms as he mercilessly pounded my pussy, in and out in deep thrusts. I was holding on to him as he continued his onslaught until he thrust the deepest that he could and then he started filling me with his warm seed in hot bursts, groaning deeply and then collapsed on top of me as he nuzzled my neck with warm kisses, his hands greedily squeezing and cupping my full breasts. Then he got off me, and draw me closer to him as he whispered “good morning”. That day was the first of the many mornings we would spend together, and in ALL days, we always started the day making wild passionate love. I have been with him for just over twelve hours and I already lost count how many times I came. Wanton, shamelessly begging Adam to fuck me.