Blissfully Sore and Wanting More

blog 5

Adam woke me up to  frenzied and lusty sex. There is no other way to describe how our first morning as lovers started. I am aching all over and the lips of my pussy were swollen and blissfully sore from the onslaught of Adam’s lusty thrusts earlier. I was lethargic after the rigorous exercise, having reached orgasm several times this morning. After an hour, Adam gently woke me up, so I could shower and go down for breakfast. We were flying that day to Koh Samui, an island paradise in Thailand, for the weekend.

We had a leisurely breakfast and talked. Ironically, it was our first getting to know each other talk since my arrival the day before. Our first meeting months ago was in the workplace, and it was all business, so this is practically our first time to be physically together and talk. Our emails were wonderful and we have shared so much of each other through virtual means and phonecalls. We have been together in the last fifteen hours but did not get a chance to really talk as we always found ourselves making love like there’s no tomorrow in almost all our waking moments. We chatted and we liked what we heard about each other’s lives. It was past 10am when we decided to go back to our room to prepare our things as we were scheduled to leave for the airport by 2 pm. Lunch is out of the question now that we’ve had a late and heavy breakfast.

We packed our things and checked that we had everything we needed for the trip. We have 2 hours to kill, so I took out a paperback and started reading. Adam did the same with a book he brought for the trip. We both sat on our side of the bed leaning our backs against the headboard. Adam’s book was not interesting enough to hold his attention so we talked, while he held my hand. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. Adam leaned towards me and whispered, ‘I want you Mari, hell, I always want you!’ and then he kissed me deeply, that in a few seconds, I was kissing him back and had my arms around his neck.

Adam pushed my tank up, just above my breasts and quickly unclasped my bra, and pushed it up and exposed my full breasts. He groaned and swooped down and sucked my left breast while his hand cupped and squeezed my right breast. He let go of my breast then brushed my dark brown nipple with a flick of his tongue, and the sensation was too much to bear that I moaned and arched my back so he could suck my breast. He sucked and licked my breasts with his hand squeezing harder each time I moaned.

He quickly got up and pulled my top over my head, and kicked my bra to the floor. He then asked me if I would still do as I promised, to take his cock into my mouth. Although I was nervous, I said yes. He quickly got out of his shorts and boxers and his enormous erection sprang free. He sat on the side of the bed and led me to kneel on the carpeted floor, in between his legs, and in front of him. His blue eyes were smoldering with lust, and I could feel my wetness soaking through my panties and my shorts. He gently guided me to lean towards him, while he held my hair away from my face, and positioned the rounded tip of his cock to go into my mouth. He was enormous, and I had difficulty getting even half of his cock into my mouth! Then I gently tightened my mouth around his engorged cock and moved my mouth up and down his shaft, tightening at intervals, that he started lifting his hips to gently thrust into my mouth.

“Mari, suck my cock, darling, please”, and in a split second I started sucking on his cock while I pushed it in and out of my mouth. Adam groaned out loud as I circled the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue before I pushed his cock inside my mouth deeper than before and then sucked on it with all my might that Adam was twitching his hips and let go of my hair to hold my head as he lifted his hips higher so his cock went deeper into my mouth. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth, while gently holding my head as my mouth went up and down his shaft. When he suddenly pulled out his cock and lifted me to the bed, savagely pulling my shorts and panties down, then he positioned me on all four and spread my legs wide apart and entered me from behind that I gasped and moaned when he pushed deep inside me.

“God, Mari, you’re so tight and wet! Darling, do you like that?” And he rammed his engorged cock inside my pussy again and again, deeper each time that I could feel his balls slam against the base of my pussy. He slapped my buttock with one hand and leaned forward to grab and squeeze my breast as he rammed my pussy harder and faster. He had one knee on the bed and raised his other leg so he could support his weight with his foot, making his thrusts deeper as he half rode me, while thrusting in and out of me. I was moaning and crying with ecstasy as he mindlessly fucked me that soon I came in a screaming orgasm. I was clawing at the sheets as I tried to lean towards the bed, while his cock was impaled deep within my pussy. Oh I could feel the throbbing of his cock, the engorged veins as he rammed me harder until he paused for a split second and rammed me deeper this time and held his hips steady as he poured his seed inside me, then he slightly withdrew, and rammed me again, and again, that I started to feel the trickle of our juices down the inside of my thigh. He squeezed the last drop inside me, while he lustfully squeezed my breasts.

We collapsed on the bed, with him still inside me. He held me to him as he moved to his side, his cock still inside me as he raised my left leg, so that we were both facing the mirror and I could see the base of his cock while the rest was inside my pussy. He then raised my knee and held it as he started to thrust gently in and out me, while we both watched in front of the mirror. He then held my waist as I continued in the same position, while his other hand was squeezing my right breast. I reached out for the pillow to cover my pussy, but he just pushed more forcefully, that I moaned and let go of the pillow and in spite of my embarrassment started clenching his cock with my pussy.

“Don’t cover your pussy Mari, it’s beautiful. Look at your cunt, so tight but taking all 8 inches of me inside you. Look! Ahh you are so wet and so nice to fuck’, I moaned and leaned against his chest as I lifted my leg towards my waist so he could go deeper. “Ahhh Mari, you learn fast. Darling I am going to fuck you hard now. Do you want that? and he pushed all the way in that I leaned against him and moaned. At that signal, he thrust in and out of me like a mad man, while he held on tightly to my breast that it was almost painful, as he pushed his enormous cock savagely in and out of my wet pussy. “Adam, oh God, Adam, ohhhhh” I was moaning as I felt that warm feeling at the pit of my stomach, and came in a screaming orgasm. Adam let go of my breasts, pushed me down the bed and went on top of me and fucked me so hard that we both came in a few seconds that I did not realize I was screaming “Adam, please don’t stop fucking me, please, fuck me please” as I sobbed against his neck. He kissed me hard and said “Oh I will fuck you every chance I get Mari. You do realize this is only the first of our times together, do you?”