Guilty Pleasure of a Savage Fuck


Over the years Adam and I would meet in different cities in Asia whenever he had a business trip. We knew we did not have a future together as he was married and had kids. We accepted the cards we were dealt with, so we always treated each trip as if it were our last. And it could very well be as we did not know for certain how many times he would be sent by his clients overseas.

We were always hungry for each other that we make love like there’s no tomorrow each time. One of the most memorable ones we had was when we met up in Jakarta. I had to wear knickers because it was a Muslim country and I did not want to risk offending the sensibilities of the locals or the authorities if it became obvious that I was going commando when I arrived in the city.

I have not seen Adam for almost 2 years and it was the longest stretch of not seeing each other for us. He picked up me up from the airport at close to midnight. As we snuggled at the back seat, we caught up with what’s been going on in our lives. Small talk as we were always in touch through email.

I could feel the moistness of my pussy and he saw me rub my thighs, and he knew. He looked at me and gently brushed his hand against my breast. He sucked in his breath and whispered that he’s forgotten how full my breasts were. He was not able to resist that he just had to put my coat over my lap and his hand and greedily cupped my soaking wet pussy, rubbing my clitoris through my silk panties. I was trying hard to concentrate and not moan because the driver might notice.

At last we arrived at the Dusit Hotel. We almost ran all the way to the elevator. There was another guest in the lift, so we leaned against the back wall of the elevator. He let me lean against him and I could feel his erection through the thin fabric of my skirt. The guest got off on the 3rd floor and it was then that Adam lifted the back of my skirt and probed the lips of my pussy. The moment the doors closed behind the guest, he thrust his middle finger inside me. I moaned and leaned against one wall as he finger fucked me. Then just as suddenly he withdrew his finger, just when we were about to get to our floor.

We stepped out and he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall in the hallway and kissed me deeply. He unbuttoned my shirt and cupped my breast, I panicked as someone might come out of one of the rooms in the hall, but I was too weak with want. He stopped and looked at me, “Tell me you want me Mari”. I choked on my answer as I was panting from lust and answered him; “Please fuck me Adam, hard and deep, please”.

He grabbed my hand and fumbled with the keycard. Finally we were inside the room. He closed the door and savagely pulled me to him while he struggled to unbutton my skirt, then ripped my shirt open that some buttons got ripped off and scattered on the floor. He was like a mad man, and although laced with a bit more force than usual, I found it exciting. He pulled my bra off, tearing one strap off, and then he pulled on my stretch lace knickers but got impatient and tore off one side of it, leaving my pussy exposed while the rest of material clung to my left leg. He lifted me on the study clearing the top with one sweep of his arm and pulled his pants down – he was not wearing anything underneath and then he rammed me so hard, it was so painful. He rammed me hard and deep that I could hear our flesh meet. He fucked me hard, savagely squeezing my breasts that I was trying to tame his hips because he was ramming me so hard, but I could not help moaning at the same time, because with the pain came the pleasure.

His eight-inch cock was so thick and hard that I felt every nerve each time he rammed me all the way. At first it hurt each time he thrust hard, but the pleasure from each bold thrust spread like wildfire from the pit of my stomach, that instead of pushing his hips away, I clung to his arms as he leaned towards me.

“Oh Mari, you’re so tight, and wet, and warm, and all mine, only mine!,” His cock impaled deep inside me, I could not move as he had me pinned so hard but I clenched my pussy around his cock and it drove him mad with lust. He thrust in and out of me, harder each time, that he had to lift my legs and placed both on his shoulders and then he was ramming his massive cock even deeper than I thought was possible. He came and before I knew it, I was crying as I came too, clenching his cock with all my might that he almost sobbed from the pleasure. We lay spent, panting, and sweating.

When we have calmed down, he was still inside me, when he said “Hello.”

I wanted him any way he wanted me. And for the next three days, we spent our nights and started our days making love to each other, from slow fuck to a savagely violent fuck, I didn’t care. I just knew that I am his any time, any way he wants.


Blissfully Sore and Wanting More

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Adam woke me up to  frenzied and lusty sex. There is no other way to describe how our first morning as lovers started. I am aching all over and the lips of my pussy were swollen and blissfully sore from the onslaught of Adam’s lusty thrusts earlier. I was lethargic after the rigorous exercise, having reached orgasm several times this morning. After an hour, Adam gently woke me up, so I could shower and go down for breakfast. We were flying that day to Koh Samui, an island paradise in Thailand, for the weekend.

We had a leisurely breakfast and talked. Ironically, it was our first getting to know each other talk since my arrival the day before. Our first meeting months ago was in the workplace, and it was all business, so this is practically our first time to be physically together and talk. Our emails were wonderful and we have shared so much of each other through virtual means and phonecalls. We have been together in the last fifteen hours but did not get a chance to really talk as we always found ourselves making love like there’s no tomorrow in almost all our waking moments. We chatted and we liked what we heard about each other’s lives. It was past 10am when we decided to go back to our room to prepare our things as we were scheduled to leave for the airport by 2 pm. Lunch is out of the question now that we’ve had a late and heavy breakfast.

We packed our things and checked that we had everything we needed for the trip. We have 2 hours to kill, so I took out a paperback and started reading. Adam did the same with a book he brought for the trip. We both sat on our side of the bed leaning our backs against the headboard. Adam’s book was not interesting enough to hold his attention so we talked, while he held my hand. I was wearing a tank top and shorts. Adam leaned towards me and whispered, ‘I want you Mari, hell, I always want you!’ and then he kissed me deeply, that in a few seconds, I was kissing him back and had my arms around his neck.

Adam pushed my tank up, just above my breasts and quickly unclasped my bra, and pushed it up and exposed my full breasts. He groaned and swooped down and sucked my left breast while his hand cupped and squeezed my right breast. He let go of my breast then brushed my dark brown nipple with a flick of his tongue, and the sensation was too much to bear that I moaned and arched my back so he could suck my breast. He sucked and licked my breasts with his hand squeezing harder each time I moaned.

He quickly got up and pulled my top over my head, and kicked my bra to the floor. He then asked me if I would still do as I promised, to take his cock into my mouth. Although I was nervous, I said yes. He quickly got out of his shorts and boxers and his enormous erection sprang free. He sat on the side of the bed and led me to kneel on the carpeted floor, in between his legs, and in front of him. His blue eyes were smoldering with lust, and I could feel my wetness soaking through my panties and my shorts. He gently guided me to lean towards him, while he held my hair away from my face, and positioned the rounded tip of his cock to go into my mouth. He was enormous, and I had difficulty getting even half of his cock into my mouth! Then I gently tightened my mouth around his engorged cock and moved my mouth up and down his shaft, tightening at intervals, that he started lifting his hips to gently thrust into my mouth.

“Mari, suck my cock, darling, please”, and in a split second I started sucking on his cock while I pushed it in and out of my mouth. Adam groaned out loud as I circled the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue before I pushed his cock inside my mouth deeper than before and then sucked on it with all my might that Adam was twitching his hips and let go of my hair to hold my head as he lifted his hips higher so his cock went deeper into my mouth. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth, while gently holding my head as my mouth went up and down his shaft. When he suddenly pulled out his cock and lifted me to the bed, savagely pulling my shorts and panties down, then he positioned me on all four and spread my legs wide apart and entered me from behind that I gasped and moaned when he pushed deep inside me.

“God, Mari, you’re so tight and wet! Darling, do you like that?” And he rammed his engorged cock inside my pussy again and again, deeper each time that I could feel his balls slam against the base of my pussy. He slapped my buttock with one hand and leaned forward to grab and squeeze my breast as he rammed my pussy harder and faster. He had one knee on the bed and raised his other leg so he could support his weight with his foot, making his thrusts deeper as he half rode me, while thrusting in and out of me. I was moaning and crying with ecstasy as he mindlessly fucked me that soon I came in a screaming orgasm. I was clawing at the sheets as I tried to lean towards the bed, while his cock was impaled deep within my pussy. Oh I could feel the throbbing of his cock, the engorged veins as he rammed me harder until he paused for a split second and rammed me deeper this time and held his hips steady as he poured his seed inside me, then he slightly withdrew, and rammed me again, and again, that I started to feel the trickle of our juices down the inside of my thigh. He squeezed the last drop inside me, while he lustfully squeezed my breasts.

We collapsed on the bed, with him still inside me. He held me to him as he moved to his side, his cock still inside me as he raised my left leg, so that we were both facing the mirror and I could see the base of his cock while the rest was inside my pussy. He then raised my knee and held it as he started to thrust gently in and out me, while we both watched in front of the mirror. He then held my waist as I continued in the same position, while his other hand was squeezing my right breast. I reached out for the pillow to cover my pussy, but he just pushed more forcefully, that I moaned and let go of the pillow and in spite of my embarrassment started clenching his cock with my pussy.

“Don’t cover your pussy Mari, it’s beautiful. Look at your cunt, so tight but taking all 8 inches of me inside you. Look! Ahh you are so wet and so nice to fuck’, I moaned and leaned against his chest as I lifted my leg towards my waist so he could go deeper. “Ahhh Mari, you learn fast. Darling I am going to fuck you hard now. Do you want that? and he pushed all the way in that I leaned against him and moaned. At that signal, he thrust in and out of me like a mad man, while he held on tightly to my breast that it was almost painful, as he pushed his enormous cock savagely in and out of my wet pussy. “Adam, oh God, Adam, ohhhhh” I was moaning as I felt that warm feeling at the pit of my stomach, and came in a screaming orgasm. Adam let go of my breasts, pushed me down the bed and went on top of me and fucked me so hard that we both came in a few seconds that I did not realize I was screaming “Adam, please don’t stop fucking me, please, fuck me please” as I sobbed against his neck. He kissed me hard and said “Oh I will fuck you every chance I get Mari. You do realize this is only the first of our times together, do you?”

Starting the Day Mad with Lust


I was nudged slightly from that warm, fuzzy fog between sleep and awakening, but could not quite place what it was. I felt that slight brush of warm breath against my neck and I instinctively shifted my legs, parting them, in a dreamless state. I parted my legs wider apart, still in a confused, dazed state, when I felt pleasure shoot from the pit of my stomach, that I moaned and at the same time opened my eyes to see Adam posed over me, his enormous cock halfway inside me when he withdraw slightly and rammed my wet and tight cunt with his cock in one long and deep thrust. I gasped in shock at the pain and the pleasure of having his rock hard cock buried so deep inside me that I could not stifle a deep moan and clench him tightly. The moment I tightened my pussy around his cock, Adam groaned, “God, woman, you are driving me mad! I’m sorry Marikit, but I need to fuck you darling”. I moaned, and he asked “Do you want me to fuck you?” Before I could respond, Adam pulled his cock almost all the way out and then rammed it in so deep, that I instinctively tightened my pussy every time he buried his cock so deep inside my pussy. He was merciless as he continued his deep and hard thrusts. I was moaning and clinging to him.

“Tell me you want it too! Tell me Marikit!” and he thrust deeper, in long and hard strokes. He kept on thrusting in and out of me like a mad man that by the third stroke of his cock, I was holding on tightly to his arms and instinctively raised my knees to his hips. My pussy was still sore and raw from last night, but it was as if Adam has branded my body to be his, because I was helplessly clinging to him as he impaled me with his enormous erection deeper  with each thrust, begging and sobbing, “Adam, please. Please Adam, fuck me please, fuck me!”. Adam shifted and started slamming his hips to mine, that I could barely move each time he entered me, and went on fucking me until I came in a screaming orgasm.

I was beating his arms as he mercilessly pounded my pussy, in and out in deep thrusts. I was holding on to him as he continued his onslaught until he thrust the deepest that he could and then he started filling me with his warm seed in hot bursts, groaning deeply and then collapsed on top of me as he nuzzled my neck with warm kisses, his hands greedily squeezing and cupping my full breasts. Then he got off me, and draw me closer to him as he whispered “good morning”. That day was the first of the many mornings we would spend together, and in ALL days, we always started the day making wild passionate love. I have been with him for just over twelve hours and I already lost count how many times I came. Wanton, shamelessly begging Adam to fuck me.



I was hungry. For food, this time. So Adam and I had a leisurely walk down to a small cafe that served Thai food near our hotel. I didn’t have anything to eat on the flight to Bangkok and Adam made sure that I would be thoroughly shagged on my first 2 hours with him, and now I am hungry. My hips had that dull ache similar to that pain felt after two hours on horseback when you have not ridden for quite some time. I felt blissfully sore, raw, and the lips of my pussy swollen after Adam mercilessly pounded me hard and deep with his enormous cock.

I am no virgin, but I felt like one two hours ago when Adam first entered me. I am not used to his size and I really don’t have any significant experience with men to speak of that I felt like my entire body just lost control when Adam gave me my first orgasm. I was lost in the sensation of pain and the shooting pleasure at the pit of stomach each time he rammed me hard and deep.

We reached the cafe and I ordered my first meal for the day, while Adam got himself an ice-cold beer. I ate like there’s no tomorrow and the plate full of sauteed Thai vegetables disappeared fast. I cannot recall being this hungry ever, but having not eaten the whole day and then spending a rigorous exercise in mad, wild sex with Adam was enough to starve me. Now I know how sex slaves must have felt hundreds of years ago, and to think I only have one lover.

Adam got naughty and started telling me how I looked when I came, screamed, sobbed, and begged him when he was thrusting in and out of me earlier. I have brown skin but it’s very obvious when I blush. I was embarrassed that someone might overhear what he was saying. Adam was enjoying teasing me, and got aroused in the process and told me that he wanted to go back to our room. He called for the check and paid for our food and then got up so we could back to the hotel. I wanted him, but my pussy was still so raw and swollen that I stalled for time. I told him I wanted to have something sweet, he smiled but then gave in. We went around the block and found a seven-eleven store, where I deliberately took my time in the candies section. He leaned down from behind me and whispered in my ear while he pressed his body against my back; “Marikit please get all the sweets you want because right now I am so hard. I want to be inside you – now!”. Then when no one was looking, as the store was deserted except for the sales staff, he put one arm around my waist and his other hand reached down and under my skirt and slipped his fingers inside my panties to gently rub my soaking wet pussy. He drew a deep breath and whispered in my ear; “Ahhh Mari, my love, you never cease to amaze me, Darling, I am not going to make love to you tonight.” I looked at him, confused and before I could ask him, he said; “I am going to fuck you, hard, long, and deep tonight”. I blushed at the word he used. I have never spoken that out loud. With that promise, he walked to the check out counter and I meekly followed him after grabbing a bag chocolate bonbons.

As we were walking towards the hotel, I looked up to him and told him to be gentle with me. He stopped, smiled, and kissed me.

We reached our room and I thought he was going to take me to bed right away. Instead he got himself a drink and sat down in front of his laptop and checked his email. I popped one chocolate bonbon into my mouth and leisurely sauntered to the bedroom to get ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and went into the bedroom and undressed but I could not walk back out to the study naked so I put on my panties and went under the covers of the bed instead. He went into the bathroom and came out naked and joined me in bed. He reached for me and I snuggled to him, when he stopped and then got up and knelt in front of me. He pulled the sheet that covered me and pushed it aside. He reached for and peeled my panties off, and before I could protest, he spread my knees apart and positioned himself on top of me, the rounded tip of his enormous erection poised and barely touching the swollen and wet lips of my pussy. He leaned down and told me in a measured tone; “when we are alone in the room, I want you to be naked, totally naked for me, do we have an agreement on this?”. I nodded and in that split second, he rammed his entire rock hard cock deep into my pussy before I could say anything. I sucked in my breath at the savage force he took me, I was full, so stretched that  I thought I was going to tear. I instinctively clenched his enormous cock, even though I could barely move my hips as he had me pinned down hard to the bed, his enormous cock rammed so deep in me. He groaned but kept still. I started to move, by reflex, tried to nudge his hips with mine as I could feel that warm feeling at the pit of my stomach after that first deep thrust. I clenched him again, but he did not move.

Adam looked at me with his deep blue eyes and in a deep voice; “Promise-me-that-you-will-never-wear-panties-whenever-we-are together. Promise me!”.

“Yes, Adam, I promise! Please…Adam…please!” He pulled back halfway and slammed into me again, this time, deeper than I thought was possible. I moaned and started pushing my hips upwards but he was still. It was driving me mad with lust. “Please Adam, please. I promise, I will not wear anything when were are alone. Always” I sobbed as I clung to him. He kissed me deeply and started to thrust in and out of me in an excruciatingly slow rhythm. I was tightening my pussy around his cock, each time, as though trying to hold him inside me. My pussy was stretched taut with his enormous cock, when pounded my cunt hard and deep, in slow strokes, harder, deeper, but in slow strokes. Then he suddenly stopped and I was going mad with want that I didn’t care anymore that I was behaving like a wanton. He looked at me, “say it Marikit, say it!”. As he started to thrust in steady measured strokes. He would slow down, each time he felt I was on the brink of orgasm. “Say it, I want to hear you say it!”.

He rammed me harder and deeper one more time, and I just lost it and begged him “Oh God, fuck me Adam, fuck me, please..”. I moaned, and sobbed, and he still went in and out in slow measured thrusts and on the third stroke he rammed harder that I screamed “FUCK ME Adam, please Adam, please FUCK ME NOW, please, oh please!”. And he fucked me hard, fast, and deep and I came fast, moaning and sobbing. I was clenching him tight while I helplessly clung to his arms as he buried his cock deeper into my pussy. He was merciless as he fucked me hard just like he promised that just when I thought I could take no more, I was coming again, and again, and again that I was sobbing while I begged him “Adam, don’t, no, don’t stop fucking me. Please don’t stop FUCKING me…oh please, please!”. And then he came, pouring his warm seed deep inside me and I was reduced to a wanton clinging to his arms, my hips locked around his and my pussy clenching tight around his cock. He groaned deep as I squeezed the last drop out of him.

Spent, we held each other as our hearts gradually beat back to a steady rate. He looked into my eyes and told me “I truly love you, you just don’t know how much”. I buried my face to his neck and snuggled closer to him and fell asleep in his arms. How could someone I barely know turn me into a shameless wanton in a matter of hours.

Love Like There’s No Tomorrow


I am in love, hungry, and spent. Adam branded every inch of my being, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, by taking me to unbelievable heights of passion in the last half hour. I only had coffee that morning and was too nervous to eat during the 4-hour flight from Manila to Bangkok as I knew that I promised Adam that I will free myself from worries, inhibitions, and concerns when I become his lover for a week.

My pussy is blissfully sore, the lips swollen and moist, and my hips ache after Adam spent the last half hour ramming his enormous and hard cock in and out of my soaking wet and tight pussy. I came several times that I was sobbing and weak, clinging helplessly to him as he went out of control and mercilessly rammed his cock in and out of me. His size made it painfully tight for me to take him, but each time he slammed his hips against my pelvis, a warm feeling builds up at the pit of my stomach that the pain mingled with the pleasure in a mind-shattering way. When we were both spent, I felt that my hips and pussy were stretched to the limit. Adam snuggled closer and drew me to his chest. It was the first time I experienced having my bare breasts rub against soft hair on a man’s chest and it was arousing to say the least. I was to learn in the coming days that my breasts were among the most sensitive parts of my body. Adam only had to brush against them, cup them, squeeze them and suck them, and my eyes glaze and my pussy is ready to take him.

When I reached for the sheets to cover my nakedness, Adam was so amused, but he understood. I also started to feel hungry so we decided that we’ll go out and grab something to eat. Adam handed me a robe with smiling eyes, he understood that walking around naked was not something I am used to. As I showered, he decided to join me and groaned when he saw the water flowing from my breasts down to my pussy and he got hard, so turned on that he reached for the soap and started soaping my body and then his hand went for my pussy and my knees felt weak that I had to lean to him for support. He murmured ‘Too soon, too soon Darling, I don’t want to hurt you. God help me, but I want you again, now!” He turned me around so that my back was to him and he continued to soap me, while his right hand massaged my pussy, where my pussy’s juices was unmistakably soaking his hand and my clitoris engorged in arousal. He reached for my breast, and held my waist as he rubbed his 8-inch cock back and forth against my pussy, just nudging but not entering me. He turned the water on full blast, first warm, then cold and rinsed both of us. He wrapped a fluffy towel around me and led me back to the bedroom.

When we were at the foot of the bed, he peeled the towel off me and asked me to rub him dry. He looked at my breasts, the nipples dark and hard, my body betraying me with obvious signs of arousal. He leaned forward, “Darling, I’m sorry but I have to take you again,” and then devoured my mouth in a deep kiss. I thought he was pushing me to lie on the bed facing him, instead, he suddenly turned me around,and helped me kneel on all four on the bed, my breasts hanging heavy with want. And then I felt the rounded tip of his cock, probing my pussy from the back, I panicked as I have never been taken from the back before, so he stopped and just rubbed the entire length of his cock against the swollen and juicy lips of my pussy, nudging my clitoris each time and making me clench down there in reflex. I moaned and barely finished uttering his name when he entered me in one deep thrust, that I gasped in surprise at just how huge his cock was that I felt like he impaled me with an enormous club. He withdrew his cock and I let out a breath of relief when he rammed into me again, deeper, pushing deeper and harder each time that I was moaning from the pain and the tightness of our fit as well as from the mindless pleasure it was giving me. Adam was groaning each time I tightened around him, in reflex and by instinct. I moaned and cried out his name, as my hands grabbed the sheets and the bed rest for support. I was coming fast that I did not realize that Adam has stopped ramming my pussy with his cock because I was the one pushing back and forth against his pelvis, my pussy pushing back and forth against his enormous cock!

Adam spanked my buttocks lightly as I could not control myself anymore, moving my hips forward and back while he watched his huge cock go in and out of my wet pussy. I was crying out his name as I came and just when I was slowing down, Adam picked up the pace and started ramming my pussy without mercy, and when I started to tighten around him again, he leaned forward and reached for my breasts as he slammed deeper into me, I arched my back, and Adam groaned “that’s right Darling Marikit, come for me! Come for me! Darling, come for me! Good! Now, again…again…” I was sobbing his name as I tightened my pussy around his cock. Adam was wildly slamming against me, “..ohhh, that’s right, do that again….and again…now!”. And he came, I felt his warm juices filling and shooting inside me, trickling down my thigh.

We both collapsed on the bed, warm, our hearts beating fast, and my thighs wet with sex.

We did not trust ourselves to shower again. Adam gently wiped my pussy and my thighs and helped me get up to get dressed. When I was putting on panties, he lovingly leaned towards me and told me “This is the first and last time you are wearing panties when we are together. I want to know that you are bare, naked, and mine when we are together. Promise me that!”. I nodded and he embraced me and kissed me. We went down to a small cafe for an early dinner. It was only 5pm, and it seems that the day has just began for us.

Sinful Weekend in Koh Samui


I have been thoroughly made love to and madly fucked by Adam since I arrived in Bangkok yesterday. My pussy felt raw and blissfully sore from the savage onslaught of his enormous cock as he fucked me in almost all our waking moments in the past 24 hours. My hips and breasts ached, as if seared and branded by his passionate lovemaking. And just as we were killing time before going to the airport to fly to Koh Samui, Adam fucked me with a rawness that left me screaming and panting as I came several times. We would have showered again if we weren’t running late for our flight. I hurriedly picked up my clothes which Adam carelessly tossed as he stripped me naked earlier, but my panties were damp from my juices and so I just put on my bra and took a clean sundress from the closet and put it on. I was about to put on fresh panties when Adam stopped me; ‘Mari, don’t wear anything underneath'”. I protested because we were going out in a public place, then Adam reminded me; “Mari, you promised not to wear knickers on your way to Bangkok. Do it for me darling.” So I put the panties back inside the pouch and was about to put it in my bag when Adam gently took it from my hand and put it back in the closet. “You are not going to need those this weekend. The only thing your cunt will be wearing is my cock thrust deep inside you. Mari, I intend to fuck you all day, every day, this weekend.” I blushed and he kissed me deeply. I kissed him back, as I agreed to his request.

We reached the airport just in time. We were happy, carefree, in a place where no one knew us. We boarded the plane and sat neat to each other. Adam was whispering naughty things in my ear; “Mari, are you wet for me now?” I turned to him scandalized, afraid that someone would hear him! He chuckled and kissed me lightly. It was a short flight, but it was full. When it was time for us to get our bags from the overhead compartment, Adam would ‘accidentally’ brush his hand against the side of my breast and smile at me. I was horny, have been horny since we boarded the plane. Then we were all in the aisle as we waited for our turn to deplane, and Adam would pull me against him so I could feel his erection against my buttocks. Since we were at the end of the aisle, Adam boldly raised the skirt of my dress from behind and touched my very damp cunt that I almost moaned. He sucked his breath and kissed my ear, whispered; “Mari, no one can make me as rampant as you do. I can’t wait to fuck you when we reach our hotel!”

We didn’t have checked in luggage so we hurriedly took a cab for the short trip to the resort. Adam seemed relaxed in the cab, but I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I placed my hand on his leg and it was all he could do not to fuck me in the cab. His erection was a visible bulge at the top of his shorts. I loved teasing him in the cab that he leaned towards me and promised “Mari, prepare your pussy because I am going to be merciless when I fuck you so hard and deep, you’re going to scream and moan and beg me not to stop fucking you. I can smell your cunt and I can imagine how warm and wet and tight you are once I am inside you.” And then he casually slipped his hand inside my skirt, from the side so that the driver wouldn’t notice. I sucked in my breath as his fingers massaged my swollen clitoris, the moistness coming out of the lips of my cunt, that I involuntarily parted my legs slightly apart. He removed his hand abruptly and I almost moaned in protest.

It was a short drive. We arrived at the resort and since the staff was very efficient, they checked us in in less than 15 minutes. We were then guided to our hut, that was set in the middle of lush foliage, with only a footbridge to connect us from the rest of the neighboring huts, all afforded with privacy by the lush plants surrounding each one. As soon as the bellhop gave the key to Adam and stepped out of our hut, Adam shut the door with his foot and grabbed me and kissed me deeply, at the same time sliding the straps of my dress down my shoulder and hurriedly pulled my dress down. I had my arm around his neck as I kissed him back deeply. He unclasped my bra and threw it aside then took as much of one of my breasts into his mouth and sucked hard that I moaned from a mix of pain and pleasure. Adam murmured ‘Sorry Mari, I could not help myself to such firm and full breasts.” And he frenziedly unzipped his shorts and let it drop to the floor and hurriedly pulled down his briefs and freed his enormous and hard cock, with the tip glistening from that small drop of his juice. I pulled his shirt over his head and before I could ask him, Adam pinned me to the wall, lifted and entered me, that I moaned so deep. Adam lifted one of my leg and thrust in so deep that my other foot barely touched the floor. Then Adam lifted my hips, with my back pinned to the wall, that I instinctively wrapped my legs, my thighs gripping his waist and my pussy clenched and Adam just madly thrust in and out of me, deeper with each thrust that all I could do was to tighten my cunt around his cock. My pussy is still sore from the onslaught of his cock in the last 24 hours but I don’t know why the moment he is inside me, I forget all reason and the pleasure just takes over. I came almost immediately, moaning and groaning his name with each of his thrusts.

“Oooh Mari, your pussy is meant and made for me. You are so tight darling, it’s driving me mad!”. Then he lifted me and carried me to the bed, with each of movement of his hips making me go wild as his cock is still deeply impaled in my cunt and pounds me with each stride. He pulled his cock out momentarily and I whimpered in protest. Then in a second, he mounted me and entered me like a madman. His cock is so huge for me, as I am not used to his size, and each time he fucks me deep, my hips buck and meet his every thrust, with my pussy tightening around his cock. I could feel every nerve and the rounded tip of his cock each time he rams in and out of me. I was clinging to him, begging him not to stop fucking me, screaming his name as I came again and again. Then he pulls out of me and grabbed my hand and led me towards the table with a mirror in front of it and positioned me in front of it. He went behind me, and his knees parted my legs, with my arms leaning on the table for support and then he leaned behind me, gently cupped my breast, then without warning,  he rammed my pussy from behind that I moaned. He steadily thrust in and out of me, from behind and the angle of his penis almost made me cry from the sheer pleasure of having his cock slam in and out of my pussy, hitting that spot in my cunt that brings that warm feeling at the pit of my stomach until I came in a screaming orgasm.

“God, woman, your breasts are heavy and I love how they bounce as I fuck you! You like this don’t you?” kissing my ear, then his thrusts came in fast and deep that I screamed his name as I came in an unprecedented orgasm. “That’s right darling, come for me, c’mon, come for meee!”. I was sobbing his name “Adam, oh God, Adam, don’t stop fucking me, please!” And then we both came. Our combined juices trickled down the inside of my thigh as we both got spent.

Adam nuzzled my neck and  “Darling, we’re going to be here for three days. Don’t wear knickers and I am going to fuck you day in and out because I can’t get enough of you. I love you Mari.” He gently squeezed one breast, his cock still inside me, started to harden and then he slow fucked me. His cock is so huge that even his light thrust stretches my pussy to the fullest. I start to moan and beg him “Adam, please don’t stop fucking me. I love you so much.” He pulls his cock out and kisses my neck, then leads me back to the bed that’s facing the mirror.

He sat at the edge of the bed, and sat me on his lap, with my back to him.  I was shy to look at the mirror naked with a man but he tilted my head and kissed me on the lips and at the same time let me lean back on his chest.  Then he lifted my hips and positioned his cock to enter me as he pulled me down to sit on him, my pussy impaled by his enormous erection. I had difficulty taking all of him in, when he lifted his hips to ram me so deep that I parted my legs to let all 8 inches of him inside me. “Look in the mirror Mari, don’t close your eyes! Look at how beautiful you are when we fuck. God, your pussy is so beautiful!” I opened my eyes and watched as I shamelessly leaned back against Adam, while he cups and gently squeezes my left breast, and his right hand parting my legs wider by lifting my right thigh so he could see my pussy stretch as I struggle with the size of his cock. It is so huge that about 2 inches of it from the base is still exposed. He nudges his hips against me and by reflex, my arms gripped the side of his thighs for support, I started to move my hips forward and back, letting his cock go in and out of my pussy. “That’s right Mari, fuck me good. Ohhhh you’re so tight, do that again, and again, againnnn!”

I was moaning, my eyes glazed with want. “Adam, ohhhh, ohhhhh!” Adam starts to move his hips and rams me hard, lifting my hips with the strength of his thrusts, in, out, deep, deeper, and deeper still, I thought my pussy was going to tear. I started to meet each thrust just as hard until I came in a screaming orgasm. Then in a moment, Adam came, squeezing both breasts now as he spurts his warm seed inside me, his juice being squeezed out of my pussy with every deep thrust. We both collapsed on the bed, with me on top of him. He rolled me over to my back and embraces me tightly and murmured “I love you Mari.” I lean back against him, snuggled to him in a spooning position and replied, “I love you too Adam.”

The Accidental Mistress

There is that lover that changes the way you make love forever. I met mine over ten years ago and within the first taste of that kind of burning passion that consumes you with lust and love, I knew I would never settle for anything less in a lover, ever.

Adam and I met at a trade meeting where he was the speaker, and even though I did not completely understand it at the time, the moment our eyes met, I felt that heightened awareness for a man, and was completely drawn towards him. I was not expecting to be attracted to him, especially with the age gap; he was in his 40s and I was in my late 20s. His arm accidentally brushed against mine and I mentally jumped at the sensation, remembering it vividly. We communicated about business in the ensuring weeks, but one time he commended, perhaps made in passing, that my name makes him think it is apt for a Bond girl, and that’s when the tone of our electronic conversations changed. We talked about anything and everything, and somehow there was something so sexual about our exchange that even a popular children’s bear character got twisted into “bare” and every other subject that amused us assumed a sexual tone. Everything was subtle, a suggestion of desires and longing that soon, the attraction that was lurking beneath the surface broke free. There was a contained mix of emotions, excitement, fear, lust, and somewhere along the way, I knew I have already fallen for him.

I knew he was married and has a family, just as I knew that I wanted him without expectations or judgment on my part. I tried to keep my feelings to myself and resisted the urge to give in to the attraction that was drawing us like moths to a flame. There were times when I stopped answering him because it was the right thing to do, but he would have none of it. We both felt the same way towards each other and there was no way we were going through our separate lives without ever making love to each other. We were living in different continents, where we each maintain a good reputation in our respective communities. We decided to meet in Bangkok, where he was traveling on business, and we didn’t know anyone there.

I have had a lover before but somehow that did not categorically make me an experienced lover. I have lived a sheltered life,  coming from a conservative religious family in the Philippines. Having a lover before marriage was frowned upon and so even though I felt that I was open to the contrary, sex was not something I readily and openly engaged in. I was untrained in bed, but I was always honest with myself and with my boyfriend before, that faking an orgasm was out of the question. Adam knew my background and respected my inhibitions, but he only asked me that on our once in a lifetime meeting in Bangkok, that I let go and just let things be between us, wherever it may take us on that one week that could be our only time together. And so with trepidation, I agreed and asked him in return, that should I, at any time, want to stop and decide not to be intimate with him, that he would respect and accept that decision. He agreed to it.

His first request was that I don’t wear panties when I arrive in Bangkok, where he will meet me at the airport. I agreed to this, but at the last minute, I decided to wear panties, for fear of any unexpected turn of event at the airport. I arrived at around 3 in the afternoon. I was wearing a skirt with a matching corporate jacket over an orange knit top and sensible pumps. I had my thick hair with big curls down, the length reaching my bra line at the back, and just my sunglasses perched on top of my head. From the crowd, I saw him, smiling and welcoming, and only realized he was really more handsome than I remembered from that first meeting. My knees weakened at the sight of him, his lean muscular arms were so sexy, and his jeans suggested strong and muscular thighs. His lean frame in all 5 feet 11 inches of him was tall to my round and brown frame of 5 feet 3 inches. I was excited but also a bit apprehensive as I felt small compared to him.

He looked at me and told me I was beautiful, and he kissed me on the lips, in public. He chuckled when he realized that I was so embarrassed. I have always been reserved about such public displays of affection. I only had my hand-carried luggage and my laptop with me, which surprised and at the same time impressed him. I was actually planning to do some shopping in Bangkok and thought that I should travel light on my way there. We got into the back of the car provided by the hotel. He looked so happy and I was timid because I knew what was on his mind, our no-panties agreement. He touched my knee, and told me how happy he was to see me, and asked if I was wearing panties. I explained why I could not, and he inched his hand up my thigh and I turned red and looked at the back of the head of the driver. Adam understood and just left his hand where it was, halfway up my inner thigh. By then, I was soaking wet with want and could hardly think straight.

We arrived at the hotel and when we were alone in the elevator, he stood behind me and put his arms around me and brushed his lips against my neck, and then pulled me to him. I could feel his arousal pressing against the top of my buttocks and was excited and at the same time apprehensive as I could feel his length, wondering if it would hurt when he enters me.

We got into our suite, and he helped me with my things and then came back to me, with a nervous smile and kissed me. A kiss that was supposed to be just a welcome kiss turned into a deep kiss, and the moment it turned into a torrid kiss, his tongue pushing against mine in a kiss so passionate that I instinctively clung to his muscular arms for support while he continued to kiss me deeply. He pulled me to him and grabbed my buttocks, squeezed them gently and against him, so I could feel him so hard and ready for me.

Without a word, he ended the kiss and pulled me to the bedroom and sat me on the bed. He took his shirt off and I marveled at the soft hair on his chest. His muscles rippled, and his flat abs narrowed down before it disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. I did not know how, but by then I was already barefoot. He knelt in front of me and kissed me again and I kissed him back. He pulled my jacket off, and pushed my orange tank up to expose my lace covered breasts. I was caught off guard when I realized we were going to make love with the room washed in broad daylight – a first for me. I tried to cross my arms to cover my breasts, but he unclasped my bra at the back and sprung my breasts free from the lace and looked at me for a moment before taking one breast in his mouth and sucked deeply, while his hand cupped and alternately squeezed and caressed my other breast. He was surprised at the fullness of my breasts and how firm they were. My nipples were darker when aroused, hard and so sensitive that I could not control myself and moaned and arched my back and parted my legs so he could be closer. In one quick movement he peeled my blouse and threw my lace bra aside and continued with his onslaught of my breasts, murmuring how beautiful, full, and delightfully heavy my breasts were. I could not think straight as I was not able to understand the pleasure that was shooting within me as he sucked my breasts greedily. When he sucked too hard, he would pacify me after by licking my burgeoning brown nipples.

Just when I was arching my back, he raised my tight skirt up to my waist and pushed my panties down my legs and threw them on the floor. He suddenly pushed me down on the bed and parted my legs wide. I was taken by surprise, and to my shock and before I could protest, he lowered his mouth to my pussy. I have never done this before, and tried desperately to cover my pussy, so ashamed that I was so wet that the wetness soaked through my panties earlier. I felt his breath on my pussy’s wet and glistening curls, I tried to close my legs but he held them firmly wide apart, and then I felt it – the tip of his tongue licking the entire length of the wet lips there, and could not control a deep moan. He teased me mercilessly, by running his tongue back and forth the length of my then swollen and wet lips. I was rolling my head from side to side, going mad with want that I did not realize I was already spreading my legs open and wider and pushed my knees up while he placed his hands underneath my buttocks and held me firmly while he licked me all the way to my swollen clitoris, up and down, back and forth. Then he paused for a split second and before I could think, he thrust his tongue inside me that I had to bite my lips from screaming and came almost at the same time. He thrust his tongue in and out of me and I came a second time, I was sobbing his name by the time he stopped. He sat  on the bed, leaning on his elbow and caressed me until I caught my breath and my heart beat settled to a steady pace.

He laughed when I could not look straight into his eyes and just buried my face against his chest. We talked, spoke about my travel while his arm was placed comfortably around my waist. Then his hand went down between my thighs, and gently cupped my pussy. I got tense so he kissed me deeply in the mouth while his finger was probing the lips of my pussy, and before long I was embarrassingly wet again, so wet that it seemed I had no control over my body anymore. He teased me until I could not take it anymore that I looked at him and begged him; ‘please, Adam, please’. He stood up and got our of his jeans, he was not wearing anything underneath! His hard cock sprang free and he was huge, all 8 inches, thick, hard, and throbbing, that I did not realize that I backed away from him. Before I could think, he went on top of me and sucked one breast deep into his mouth, while his hand parted my thighs and pushed my knees up so that he’s cradled between my hips. he then squeezed my other breast and sucked the other, while his other hand was nudging the nub of my clitoris. I was going mad from all the sensations, when I felt his cock take the place of his hand and at first, gently nudged the lips apart, then nudged the wet lips gently with its thick tip, then he pushed it in gently inch by inch. I held my breath when I felt his hips gently rocking back and forth, pushing the head of his cock deeper each time, stretching me wider that it was beginning to hurt because he was huge. I felt him deep inside me that I thought his entire length was already inside me, then he withdraw his entire length and in one precise movement, he rammed my pussy with his entire cock in one deep thrust that I screamed from the pain. I felt that he was tearing me apart with his enormous cock, thick and hard, I could feel being stretched to the limit. He kissed me deeply, to muffle my scream. It was then that I realized that he was only halfway in earlier when he gently entered me but because I was so tight he decided that he needed to ram his entire cock in one deep thrust. He withdrew halfway and pushed his cock deeper inside me, and started to gently thrust in and out of me, building up his pace, faster, and deeper. He was madly ramming my pussy with his engorged cock, so rampant that I thought I was going to bleed from the onslaught. Before I knew it, by reflex, I was clenching my pussy around his cock and meeting his thrusts. In a few strokes, I clutched at his arms and clung to him as I came in a screaming orgasm. He continued to ram me harder and deeper and I came again…, and again…, and again that by the fourth time, I was rolling my head from side to side, soaked in a thin glimmer of sweat as I mindlessly begged him not to stop. Each thrust hurt, but it hurt so good, I was tight but I was wet and at a certain point I lost it, moaning and screaming his name, as I desperately clung to him.

I was already sobbing his name and helplessly clinging to him, with my legs locked around him, my pussy clenching his cock, some of my juices being squeezed out of my pussy in a thin trickle every time he thrust in and out of me. He let go and came inside me. I could feel his seed, hot, bursting in spurts and filling me while he groaned deeply until he was spent.

When he pulled himself out of me, I was shaking and weakly clinging to him. I knew then that I was never going to be same woman that I was before he made love to me. We both knew that our plan of having this one time meeting will be the first of many and that I have just become his mistress.

I might have as well traveled with no luggage because on that week, he would give me several firsts in the art of making love. Within 24 hours, I gave in and gave up wearing panties for the rest of the week. I was blissfully sore, the lips of my pussy swollen, and my body ached all over. I was a shameless wanton in his arms.