True Tales Between the Sheets

Bio: In my culture it is not considered proper to enjoy sex, let alone celebrate it openly. No woman in her right mind is supposed to like it or admit to loving it. I did not have become intimate with a man until I was twenty-five years old. At first I did not enjoy the intimacy until my second lover made wild, passionate love to me that I discovered the joys of lovemaking. I was never the same after that. I grew up thinking I was ugly because I had brown skin, large eyes, and a round figure in a five-foot-three frame. It took me awhile to realize that men can find me attractive. I was fortunate to have met men who truly loved me and made me enjoy just being a woman in and out of bed. But because society can be harsh in judging women in this part of the world, I have decided to keep this part of my life hidden from everyone, including friends and family. These are actual experiences with the lovers who loved me over the years. My husband does not know that I have had several lovers and thinks that I have had only one before him. I do not have the heart to tell him the truth. He still makes love to me like a mad man hungry for more, and enjoy his lovemaking a lot. Still, I would not be the woman he fell in love with if not for the experience I had with my past lovers. These are my tales between the sheets with the men who have been a part of my life. These are my actual and real experiences with my lovers. I celebrate being a woman and admit that I enjoy making love as much as a man who openly admits to the same. In my part of the world, the tales between the sheets, most of time, stay there - between the sheets. Celebrating the joys of lovemaking is not socially acceptable but I defy that in this journal of love, passion, sex, lust and life.

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