Guilty Pleasure of a Savage Fuck


Over the years Adam and I would meet in different cities in Asia whenever he had a business trip. We knew we did not have a future together as he was married and had kids. We accepted the cards we were dealt with, so we always treated each trip as if it were our last. And it could very well be as we did not know for certain how many times he would be sent by his clients overseas.

We were always hungry for each other that we make love like there’s no tomorrow each time. One of the most memorable ones we had was when we met up in Jakarta. I had to wear knickers because it was a Muslim country and I did not want to risk offending the sensibilities of the locals or the authorities if it became obvious that I was going commando when I arrived in the city.

I have not seen Adam for almost 2 years and it was the longest stretch of not seeing each other for us. He picked up me up from the airport at close to midnight. As we snuggled at the back seat, we caught up with what’s been going on in our lives. Small talk as we were always in touch through email.

I could feel the moistness of my pussy and he saw me rub my thighs, and he knew. He looked at me and gently brushed his hand against my breast. He sucked in his breath and whispered that he’s forgotten how full my breasts were. He was not able to resist that he just had to put my coat over my lap and his hand and greedily cupped my soaking wet pussy, rubbing my clitoris through my silk panties. I was trying hard to concentrate and not moan because the driver might notice.

At last we arrived at the Dusit Hotel. We almost ran all the way to the elevator. There was another guest in the lift, so we leaned against the back wall of the elevator. He let me lean against him and I could feel his erection through the thin fabric of my skirt. The guest got off on the 3rd floor and it was then that Adam lifted the back of my skirt and probed the lips of my pussy. The moment the doors closed behind the guest, he thrust his middle finger inside me. I moaned and leaned against one wall as he finger fucked me. Then just as suddenly he withdrew his finger, just when we were about to get to our floor.

We stepped out and he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall in the hallway and kissed me deeply. He unbuttoned my shirt and cupped my breast, I panicked as someone might come out of one of the rooms in the hall, but I was too weak with want. He stopped and looked at me, “Tell me you want me Mari”. I choked on my answer as I was panting from lust and answered him; “Please fuck me Adam, hard and deep, please”.

He grabbed my hand and fumbled with the keycard. Finally we were inside the room. He closed the door and savagely pulled me to him while he struggled to unbutton my skirt, then ripped my shirt open that some buttons got ripped off and scattered on the floor. He was like a mad man, and although laced with a bit more force than usual, I found it exciting. He pulled my bra off, tearing one strap off, and then he pulled on my stretch lace knickers but got impatient and tore off one side of it, leaving my pussy exposed while the rest of material clung to my left leg. He lifted me on the study clearing the top with one sweep of his arm and pulled his pants down – he was not wearing anything underneath and then he rammed me so hard, it was so painful. He rammed me hard and deep that I could hear our flesh meet. He fucked me hard, savagely squeezing my breasts that I was trying to tame his hips because he was ramming me so hard, but I could not help moaning at the same time, because with the pain came the pleasure.

His eight-inch cock was so thick and hard that I felt every nerve each time he rammed me all the way. At first it hurt each time he thrust hard, but the pleasure from each bold thrust spread like wildfire from the pit of my stomach, that instead of pushing his hips away, I clung to his arms as he leaned towards me.

“Oh Mari, you’re so tight, and wet, and warm, and all mine, only mine!,” His cock impaled deep inside me, I could not move as he had me pinned so hard but I clenched my pussy around his cock and it drove him mad with lust. He thrust in and out of me, harder each time, that he had to lift my legs and placed both on his shoulders and then he was ramming his massive cock even deeper than I thought was possible. He came and before I knew it, I was crying as I came too, clenching his cock with all my might that he almost sobbed from the pleasure. We lay spent, panting, and sweating.

When we have calmed down, he was still inside me, when he said “Hello.”

I wanted him any way he wanted me. And for the next three days, we spent our nights and started our days making love to each other, from slow fuck to a savagely violent fuck, I didn’t care. I just knew that I am his any time, any way he wants.

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